3 people in Kenya have violated the electoral reform prospects

Three people have been seriously hurt in opposition demonstrations due to a change of Kenya’s electoral commission earlier this month.
The Associated Press reported that he had seen a man who fired a man in a car that later met with two protesters and injured him before he left. The police are preparing to see the incident happened, the witness said. Police are investigating shootings and fishing, said Nairobi chief Harrison Thuku.

Three people were injured when the government’s human rights group said at least three dozen protests killed at least 37 people in protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s protests.

Kenyatta said she did not want any change in the electoral commission

Your anniversary of the party instead of using its parliamentary majority for adoption of the amendment to the electoral law before 26 October, after which the opposition says the transmission of the results is a handheld process that has lesser fraud protection and the Supreme Court to cancel the presidential election. Odinga threatened to boycott new elections if the electoral commission had not been reformed.

Kenya has resulted in elections in 2013, electronic transmission of the results to the ruble of manipulation after a bad 2007 poll has provoked ethnic violence leaving more than 1,000 dead and 600,000 expelled from their homes.

On Monday, opposition protests took place in Nairobi, Machakos, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Kakamega and Mombasa municipalities. More than 3,000 protesters in Nairobi held demonstrations at the Election Commission headquarters while wearing posters with the words “There is no reform without choice”. Police drowned protesters in the second and third largest cities of Kisumu and Mombasa, as well as Machakos.

Kenya the National Commission Human Rights government funded documented 37 deaths, including six to six months of old babies who were beaten by armed security officers in opposition to the Kisumu County court during protests from supporters of Odinge, who rejected Kenyatta’s victory. Human rights groups have alleged Kenyatta of using security forces to suppress opposition demonstrations.