13-Year-Old Dies And Friend Injured By Falling From Building Face First After Attempting to Jump Between Rooftops In New York

A teen has lost his life since he and his friend attempted to jump from one building’s rooftop to another in Brooklyn, New York.

Rame Pierre-Louis, a 13 year old boy, died after he and his friend, 15, who was critically injured, tried to leap over a gap of around 7 feet, in 57 Grove Street, Bushwick.

Falling Death

Both of the boys fell too short, plummeting four stories, around 40 feet, into an alley below.

Pierre-Louis was later rushed to the nearby Kings County Hospital, but later died.

The 15-year-old teen somehow survived the fall, however he remains in serious condition at the same hospital due to pelvic injuries.

One witness stated he believed that the oldest boy fell onto the 13-year-old, crushing him.

‘It was boom, boom, the whole building shook,’ stated one cab driver, Luis, who resides next door. ‘It looked like both fell face first,’ he said to New York Daily News.

‘We didn’t hear anything except for the thud. I was talking to my roommate and out of nowhere just loud thuds. No screams, no conversations, no loud voices. Just thuds. Just the impacts,’ said one witness to ABC7.

Witness Accounts

Residents standing nearby during the moment of the incident saw the boys leave the scene in stretchers.

Medics cut off clothing on the elder teen to provide medical assistance.

Detectives later had to find the teens’ parents and families as neither of them lived inside the building from which they jumped.

The rooftops have seemingly become a hangout spot for teens in the city. There are reports that couches were set up atop the rooftop area at the time of the incident.

‘Kids play on the roof. That’s a normal thing. It’s been going on for years. I did it when I was young. I did it too. I used to jump across the gap and stuff to see if I could do it,’ resident Steve Somerville told ABC News.