13 soldiers of Turkey killed by Kurdish rebels

A clash that occurred in the Southeastern part of Turkey leaves 13 Turkish soldiers dead. The Kurdish rebels who invaded the Turkey caused the military troops of Turkey to protect an area close to Iraq in a bid to prevent the rebels from making their way across the border.

Military statement on the killings

According to a report on the military’s website, the Turkish soldiers were killed in a place close to where the rebel attacks happened two days earlier – southeastern district of Sirnak. In the statement, the operation was set, and the troops protected the border vicinities to prevent the rebels from attacking their northern Iraq bases. The military added that the attacked inspired and prompted much determination in them to fight terrorist attacks.

The Kurdish rebel group’s spokesman, Abdul-Rahman Al Chadarchi confirmed the attack stressing that no casualty was recorded on the side of the rebels. While these rebels have been launching attacks on Turkey from their military bases in northern Iraq, the US prevents any military movement by Turkey into Iraq.

Turkey presses for the root out of rebels

For a while now, Turkey has been urging the U.S. and Iraq to storm PKK, in northern Iraq or the foundation of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and has seen a unilateral military attack as the quick way to deal with the rebels.

In September, a counterterrorism pact was signed by Turkey with Iraq. As such, Turkey had demanded that it should be permitted to send its squad to Iraq’s north to send away the Kurdish rebels. However, Iraq declined the request under pressure from the overseers of its partly independent Kurdish district.

Jamal Abdullah, a spokesman for the Kurdish region, under the government of Iraq said that they are not bothered with occurrence because the tragic events happened in the Turkish territories. As such, it’s an internal problem for Turkey.

The European Union and the U.S. have named the PKK as a terrorist organization, recording that its members have fought the government of Turkey since 1984 and this has killed several thousands of humans.

On Sunday, the Turkey’s military has mapped out 27 security zones which are out of bound for civilians in southeastern and eastern regions where the convergence of the Iraq and Iran borders occur. From Tuesday, these zones will be active until Dec. 10. However, some experts suggest that these security zones are in the preparation of Iraq campaign.