11-year Veteran Of The Missouri Police Force Shot While Off-Duty By Another Officer

Off-duty cop shot in the arm after attempting to assist his fellow officers

The Missouri police department confirms a black off-duty police officer was shot Wednesday evening in his St. Louis neighborhood by another police officer.

The official statement issued by the Metropolitan Police Department states that officers were responding to a potential car theft report, and upon arriving on the scene were shot at by suspects.

The victim, who happened to live nearby, emerged from his residence with a firearm after hearing the shots with the intention to assist his fellow officers. The on-duty officers requested that the victim get on the ground but upon recognizing him allowed him to stand up and join them.

At the time, another responding officer arrived on the scene. When he witnessed the victim approaching the on-duty officers with a firearm in his hand, he apparently did not recognize the off-duty officer, and, believing him to be a threat to the on-duty officers discharged a shot and shot him in the arm.

Shooting follows controversial footage of another black man being shot by an officer

The victim’s lawyer Rufus J. Tate Jr. told local news outlets and Fox News: “This is the first time that we are aware, that a black professional, in law enforcement, himself being shot and treated as an ordinary black guy on the street . . . This is a real problem.” He also issued a statement that he considered the incident to be more severe than an accident.

The officer responsible for shooting his off-duty colleague was put on administrative leave alongside six other officers.

The shooting occurred following footage of Philando Castille, a black man, complying with a Minnesota police officer’s demands before being shot.

Neither the off-duty officer or the officer who shot him have been identified.