Killing Google Was Its Mission – Instead It Ended Up Dying!

Google has made a name for itself since it burst onto the scene about a decade ago. The company has grown immensely destroying many competition that had sprung up along its path. However, while the giant rules Sillicon Valley unaware of any new detrimental threats, a new kid on the block has arrived to take over.

To the surprise of many, a small company Cyanogen Inc. that created a rendition of the Android versatile working framework had decided to take on the sleeping giant. The company contends that it has Google locked in its cross-hairs and was ready to fire the silver bullet. Most importantly, its claim to the Sillicon throne was that it had developed and administered a complete overhaul of its core product and currently administering it in more than 50 million gadgets.

Since publicly declaring its hatred for Google, the company has fired its outspoken CEO offering only a brief explanation on Friday. Further revamping the company and solidifying its business model Cyanogen have hired a more conservative CEO and have decreased the old staff, and move to find ways to focus more on solidifying its Android making ambitions.

On Christmas Eve, pioneers of the CyanogenMod open-source OS, Cyanogen Inc. reported that the shutdown of the foundation was not a “final knockout” for the open-source software. To some extent since Cyanogen, Inc. claims the bran, the site has since been offline, obviously by their decision.

In the interim, another venture company named Lineage OS has been reported as the continuation of CyanogenMod.

Microsoft specifically had a vital enthusiasm for the improvement of a contrasting option to Google’s rendition of Android, subsequent to neglecting to make progress with its own particular Windows portable frameworks. Google offers Android for nothing to gadget producers, however, this will oblige makers to re-introduce a suite that is more compatible to telephone operations. Cyanogen’s OS core model was to make it simpler to offer telephones that didn’t have with any of Google’s products.

Steve Kondik, who started Cyanogen as an open source software then extend it to Cyanogen Inc. The creator had pointed the finger at McMaster for the organization’s inability to achieve its main objective, he blamed McMaster for creating unbearable strife within the company and his terrible business deals.