LG Unveils New ‘Levitating Speakers’

This technology driven era has completely changed our lives for the better, honestly, it is even better than the invention of sliced bread. Now we are left to wonder with our ever changing world…what the heck will they think of next? Today LG Electronics opened up about its cutting edge portable speakers. And they will actually levitate before your very eyes. The newest invention that LG will introduce to the market will display at CES® 2017 technology show.

The eye-catching design is bound to have you salivating as you witness the entrancing remote speaker (show PJ9) floats over and docks on the Levitation Station. Additionally, it is programmed to convey amazing sounds that will actually teleport you somewhere out there in the Jetson’s world.

PJ9 striking beauty and flexibility can flawlessly incorporate your podcasts and plays beautiful music to your hear both indoor and outdoor.

The professional workmanship that went int the PJ9 remote speaker highlights magnificent execution, beauty and flexibility declared Tim Alessi who is the top advertising strategist at the company. Clearly, if you have an eye for unique detail you see that this sound gadget offers an energizing harmony for ideal imagination that will be offered at a reasonable price – something that will not knock your socks off or cause you to blow a fuse.

LG main focus is to create new products by focusing on new and creative ways which will spearhead the company’s brand and push it to a higher level.

The PJ9 levitation station is chock full of electromagnets cables that it utilizes to seamlessly floats in the air thus displaying a dazzling impact that is sure to capture the attention of the user.

PJ9 is built to accomplish its air to surface task without the use of any wires. In addition, there’s a Dual Passive Radiator that will sync it to other innovative devices and replicates a breathtaking sound quality with fresh highs and extended mid-tones.

Inventively designed, the PJ9 can also be synced with Bluetooth gadgets to offer the most astonishing music listening device.