Asked on Airbnb and uber: “these jobs create a new precariat”

AirbnB and other companies pretend that they have a social mission. But according to the book author, Tom Slee they exploit their employees worse than conventional companies – and promote total surveillance.

Tom Slee: For me, it is a problem of broken promises. When the first platforms started a few years ago, there was much sympathy. It was the promise to bring people together, to replace corporations, to be sustainable. However, the platforms were a vehicle for this, more and more areas of our life to submit to the laws of the free market. They delivered the opposite of what they pretended to be. Distrust. One of the great innovations that promised the sharing economy, was Yes trust between strangers – you get with someone in the car, and it will take you there and there. Long ago but customers are subservient, valuing its service providers, and to evaluate, and the whole procedure is controlled by the platforms. Confidence of the past will yield comprehensive monitoring.

The media are often fascinated by big numbers: Oh, again half a million bookings at xy, oh, to earn $90,000 a month? At the same time, it is hard to understand, how come these numbers and are based on what data base. The companies do so only transparent, but is totally sealed.