Apple tablet in the test: small iPad, great price

The new Pro from Apple’s iPad offers sophisticated tools. It will replace even a notebook thanks to clickable keyboard. We have tested it – and found the hook.

Of course, I have written this text on Apple’s new tablet. Finally, the small iPad Pro, which Apple has presented on 21 March, should be something like the goose of computer technology. I want to try that.

So I have my test unit the 169 euro expensive smart keyboard strapped to. It is held magnetically on the housing and has three small points of contact, the smart connector. About the powered up the keyboard and connects to the iPad.
The technology works perfectly: I need to configure anything or set, the keyboard works simply. When I arrived at this paragraph, I can already determine that I can type on the small buttons just as fast as on the PC. A solid base is desirable but, on my knees the keyboard wobbles too much.

To typewriters and mobile, the iPad Pro is good so ever. A handy extra is that smart at the same time acts keyboard during transport as a screen cover. Together weigh only 681 grams, in half as much as the MacBook Air, which I otherwise carry around to iPad Pro and keyboard. That’s tempting. The only Downer: The keyboard is there currently only with US layout. Further language versions are in work, they told me at Apple.

Sometimes paint

The second extra function of the Pro iPad is the ability to draw on the screen with Apple’s digital pen pencil, paint or write. Earlier I used Zeichentablets from Wacom for such things, which have replaced temporarily also the mouse with me. But this technique is indirect, it draws on a plastic Board on the table, the lines appear on the screen of the computer.

The iPad Pro provides a much more direct contact to the Artboard. Image editing, for example in the app Pixelmator, gets a few finer ways through the post. Anyway the pen very sensitively translates my movements and the pressure of my finger. The price of this is less sensitive: the Apple pencil costs 109 euros.
Performance for years

Without keyboard and pen, the iPad Pro is a version of the iPad air 2 improved in some respects. It has the same size, almost the same weight, but an improved screen. In direct comparison with an iPad air 2, he is somewhat brighter, what could help with the usage in the sunshine.

But above all is the so-called true-tone feature. It fits the color of the screen to the ambient light so that colors look more realistic, white is always white. Really I can see that actually only, because of the white screen frame of the test unit times bluer, even yellowish solution appears, the screen contents shows seemingly unchanged colors.

On the back is that now no white plastic lid is at the top of the antennas. Instead, whose shape will be tightened now only by a thin white line.