Why We Voted Against New Transfer Rule – Jose Mourinho

Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho, believes the club is in a good place even though they did their transfer business early
Manchester United voted against a new proposal that means the transfer market next year will close at the start of English Premier League season in 2018.

“It is not in our interest if the market closes early for us while it is open for leagues,” Mourinho said.

“When we close our transfer window, we also close it to other leagues too.”

Mourinho favored the proposal that was supported by a total of 14 premier league clubs which is the minimum needed for the plan to be put into law in spite of the fact that Manchester United, Watford, Swansea, Crystal Palace and Manchester City all voted against the regulation.

New Transfer Rules

The summer transfer window in Europe elapse until the 31st of August and the new regulation means clubs can also sell after the 9th of August but will not have the opportunity to sign new players.

Mourinho said; “I want Manchester United to be as strong as they can right from the beginning of the season and this is what every coach wants. But this rule will put us at a disadvantage compared to other clubs in Europe because won’t be able to strengthen our squad while they can even if they sell.

“This is the reason we went against the vote.”