Vettel Is A Disgrace To Formula One – Lewis Hamilton

British Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, has expressed his anger towards fellow racer and rival Vettel, calling him a disgrace for slamming into his car in the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan
The two riders clashed before the restart as Sebastian Vettel hit Hamilton’s car from the back and swerved into right after.

Although Vettel said he did not crash into Hamilton deliberately. the British think otherwise calling Vettel a disgrace for his lack of his sportsmanship. As he lost the race due to the fact that he had to get his car fixed.

“I was in charge of the pace and could not have brake tested him. I slowed down where I needed to.”
“He was probably sleeping on the wheel and purposely drove into another driver and the fact that he might go scot free is astonishing, to say the least. He was a disgrace.”

“If he wants to show he’s a man, it should be done directly outside the car. Driving dangerously can, in any way, put another driver at risk.
“I was lucky that we were driving slow and it could have been worse if were driving fast. It is sad that kids who were watching the race today would have been disappointed by the showing today from someone who has won the Formula One title four times”.

More punishment for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel was given a 10 second stop and go penalty at the end of the race that was eventually won by Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull but he still finished the race ahead of Hamilton and extended his lead up to 14 points.
The Italian driver was also given a three points penalty on his license and he could get a race ban if he receives 3 more within the next 12 months.