Tiger Woods Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charge

Tiger Woods has entered a non-guilty plea for a DUI charge after he was arrested in Florida mid-May.

However, he is expected to plead guilty to a charge of driving recklessly and will be entered into a year probation program.
The footage that was released after he was arrested showed that they saw hin sleeping at the wheel of his car.

Tiger Woods later released a statement apologizing for his actions which he blamed on the prescription pills that he took.
The blood sample that was taken from him showed that he had Vicodin and Xanax in his system but had not ingested any alcohol before the crash.

Woods sent out a message on his social media pages two months after the incident that he had rounded up the program to treat his addiction to a prescription drug.

However, Woods did not show up in court as his lawyer took the liberty to enter the charge.

Probation Deal

A County prosecutor in Palm Beach stated that Tiger Woods would plead guilty to another charge which is lesser than the reckless driving charge and will be placed in a Driving Under Influence offender program.

This sentence will ensure that he avoids a formal DUI conviction if he takes care of the necessary conditions that include a 190 pounds fine and fifty hours of community service.
He could serve time behind bars if he fails to adhere to the terms of his probation bargain.

Tiger Woods has 14 major golf championships to his name but has faced difficult times following the cheating scandal that trailed him and led to his divorce.