The sixth fastest to throw 200 career touchdowns is Matthew Stafford

In the history of the NFL, Stafford is currently the sixth fastest having touchdowns numbering over 200, doing this in less than 120 games. Dan Marino (89), Brett Favre (107), Peyton Manning (106), Tom Brady (116) and Aaron Rodgers (99) got to the milestone earlier before Stafford. The 29-year-old is the fourth player also to before the age of 30 throw touchdowns along with Manning, Marin-o, and Favre.

A deep shot was launched by the quarterback to Marvin Jones Jr, the receiver with less than 2 minutes remaining in the first quarter on the night of Monday`playing against the Packers, and a 25-yard pass was completed by Jones to assist the touchdown.

The milestone created in the first quarter was followed by an 11-yard pass to Jones, the game was sealed finally with a 17 point lead.
“The men on the outside did a lot and were effective in winning, all I was trying to do is to get the ball to the open” Stafford shared. “Virtually everyone was winning, and we have the ability to spread it out amongst ourselves and utilize it for our own good like we did today.”

Records and Stats

In summary, over 30 receivers contributed beneficially to the 200 touchdowns Stafford had, Calvin Johnson had to his credit over a quarter of them at 54. Both Brandon Pettigrew and Golden Tate follow together at 15.

It marks the eight-time Stafford has made touchdown throws to Jones, three of which had happened in the Lambeau Field.
12 players alone caught a single touchdown only from Stafford out of the 200 players.

Monday night was also significant because it was the first time occurring this particular season that a touchdown pass was successfully tailed on the opening drive by the Lions.