The Fight Will Be Over In 3 Minutes, Mayweather, McGregor Brags

Conor McGregor had predicted that he will K.O Floyd Mayweather in the first round as they get to square up against each other in Las Vegas.

McGregor will be making his debut in professional boxing against the undefeated ex five-weight world champion Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena.

McGregor, a UFC lightweight champion had earlier stated that he would defeat Mayweather in the second round but now believes he can do it way earlier than usual.

“I am cold and calm- just like I am in every fight. I am set to get right in and get the job done. I am fully fit, sharp and ready to ruthless as always.” McGregor said.

“He will be knocked out cold in the first round”

“To me, it’s just another routine fight and I have already beaten one of the top guys in boxing so I’m going to do the same again this weekend.”

The Irish fighter was welcomed with flowers and Irish flags and McGregor acknowledge the gesture.

“This week Ireland will take over Las Vegas and we will run the whole city and have fun while doing it.”

Fight To End In A Knock Out

Mayweather also bragged that he will end the fight in a knockout and promised fans a better fight than the one with Manny Pacquiao.

“I said earlier that this fight will not last and if you want to bet, put your money on that.”

“I am going to be very aggressive and I’m sure he will be too. The fans will get what they want.”

The Mayweather and McGregor fight will take place in Las Vegas on the 26th of this August.