Ryan Burnett’s win was wrongly judged

The IBF has revealed that the world bantamweight title victory of Ryan Burnett was incorrectly scored at the end of the game by one of the judges.

Ryan Burnett won the fight on Saturday by a split decision because while two of the judges awarded him an 119-107 winning score, the third wrongly gave him a losing 118-108.

School Boy Error

The statement from the IBF states there was an error in the scorecards because as the victory had to have been unanimous if everything is taken into consideration.

“It was an error that should not happen at this level regardless of the individual involvedThe statement reads.

“This happened because of the scores for the round was wrongly recorded for another fighter in the bout by one of the judges.”

After the game, Robert Smith, the general secretary of British Boxing Board of Control stated that Sammartino will not be returning. As his error almost cost Burnett the fight and this kind of act cannot be tolerated in boxing.”

However, there are no indications that any action will be taken against Sammartino as it was not mentioned in their statement and the judge was described as “reliable, solid and consistent”. Thus, the only punishment he might get for this error will be an omission from top rated fights.

Although the IBF stated that they have taken measure to ensure that this issue does not happen ever again even though the measures were not explicitly mentioned.

Knock Out blows

This was just the 17th fight in the professional career of Ryan Burnett who is from Ireland and he gave a good account of himself in the bout. He hit some devastating blows that knocked his 33-year-old opponent, Haskins, who was also the defending champion, in the sixth and also the 11th rounds during their fight in the city of Belfast.