Manchester United Built Ronaldo

Michael Owen believes Cristiano Ronaldo owes his success to his time in Manchester United rather than the time he has spent in Real Madrid thus far.

While Ronaldo had grown into a perfect player and regarded as one of the world’s best. Former Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool player, Michael Owen, believes he developed into the player that he is today because of the time he spent at the club in Manchester.

Ronaldo has won four Ballon d’Or so far, with three coming since he moved to Real Madrid. He could also win his third UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid and his fourth Champions League trophy in total when they play Juventus next week.

Michael Owen feels Cristiano Ronaldo is this great because of the influence that Sir Alex Ferguson had on him during his time at Old Trafford where he also won the Balloon d’Or before leaving for Real Madrid.

“He was without a doubt one of the best players in Manchester United so it can’t be said that Real Madrid built him into the player that he is today.
“Ronaldo had many great seasons at Old Trafford and has kept on improving. He alongside Messi have taken the world of football to another level and they will do that for a long time to come”
“A lot of people don’t know how it is the kind of player that Ronaldo is because he is the perfect player. When it comes to football because he has everything, he uses both feet, scores goals, great in the air and rarely gets injured.”

His rivalry with Messi is because he wants to remain at the top and that has worked well for him thus far. It will take a while for someone to dislodge him or Messi from the top of the game right now because they are way ahead of their time. Owen said.