Lewis Hamilton hints at retirement

Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he could quit Formula 1 this season.

Hamilton did not rule out the possibility of leaving Formula One or Mercedes this season after he won the British Grand Prix closing the gap between him and Sebastian Vettel, the leader of the title by just one point.

“I cannot really predict what will happen in the next six months,” he said after he was asked about the plans he has for the future.

When he was asked what he meant by the statement. He said: I’m a big fan of driving but there is the chance that I could be heading for retirement soon. It all depends on my state of mind during the Christmas season. I hope it all turns out great though.”

I love driving – Hamilton

“Asides from spending time with my family, driving is the other thing that gives me joy and it’s always fun being behind the wheels” Hamilton revealed.

He reiterated the same sentiments when he was asked about driving during a TV show after the race on Sunday.

“I love driving and right now I think I’m my prime because my driving is a lot better than it used to be. I also love working with the entire team so I cannot imagine quitting right now. I don’t have a timeline for getting off the wheels.”

“I love what do and my contract is still running for at least the next 12 months and when that time comes, I’ll decide on what to do next.”

It is believed that Lewis Hamilton will renew his contract with Mercedes unless there is a major change in the team.