Larry Holmes has advised Anthony Joshua to Perform lots of Coitus before Bouts

The man, the enigma, and the rave of the moment Anthony Joshua have been advised by Larry Holmes to perform coitus ahead of bouts.

The self-styled “AJ boxing” legend has been in the spotlight recently following his recently much talked about Bout with Takam.

Anthony Joshua “AJ” as he is popularly called, takes center stage at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. He is set to lock horns with challenger Carlos Takam.

AJ’s unblemished record of 19 wins might be shattered by underdog Takam, however, the Brit is confident that he will be victorious over Carlos at the Principality.

Larry Holmes who is regarded as a Heavyweight Boxing great had some rather canny advice for AJ

Holmes said if he was afforded the opportunity to advise AJ, his advise to him would be for Anthony Joshua to get himself laid.

He went on to say that sex was an elixir designed to restore an elite boxer’s energy, the effect relaxes you, so my advice will be for AJ to “get some”.

He also pointed out that when he was still boxing, coaches would advice him to never have sex before fights as it tires you out.

However, when he made the decision to have sex before fights, he realized what he was missing out on.

Larry added that AJ shouldn’t engage in daily sex romps as that would totally tire him out before fights.

AJ a father of a 2-year-old male child has had his private life kept under the radar, far from the prying eyes of the British media.

The heavily publicized bout has sold seventy thousand tickets already, however, AJ has promised the fans a never seen performance and a knockout.