Kelly Olynyk Gets 50 Million Miami Contract

Free agent Kelly Olynyk has been given a new four-year deal worth $50 million with Miami based club Heats.

Greg Lawrence, his agent, revealed details of his contract to the press and revealed that he is just the player that Erik Spoelstra will fit right into the Miami Heat’s team as they need to complement frontcourt. He also revealed that the move will help Erick grow better as a player.

Olynyk, 26, was a restricted free agent but the status was lifted following the move of Gordon Hayward to Bolton Celtics and this made them renounce their rights to Olynyk.

Olynyk’s has been receiving rave reviews from his old teammates including Jayden Brown.

He will be missed

“I thought he deserves more money but that is not always the case,” said Brown. “He should be starting every game, he is a starter but he played great games for us when he came from the bench and he did a pretty good job all round, so i am definitely happy for him. Miami is a great team to play and i know he will do great over there team.”

Jayden Brown also stated that Olynyk would be missed as he was a jolly good fellow in the locker room. Olynyk earned his big break after he scored a total of 26 points in the Boston Celtic’s game against the Wizards in last season’s Game 7.

He averaged a total of 9.5 points per game, 4.8 rebounds every game for the Boston Celtics and has been an integral part of the team for the last four years following his draft pick in 2013.