John Terry Moves To Aston Villa

John Terry has finally confirmed the rumours that he will be moving to Championship side, Aston Villa, stating that he moved to the lower league because he didn’t want to face Chelsea.

John Terry, England’s former captain put pen to paper on a one-year contract with the club and could earn up to 4 million pounds if the club gains promotion back to the English Premier League.

John Terry revealed that he had the option of signing for Swansea, West Bromwich Albion and Bournemouth, but his loyalty to Chelsea made him turn down those offers.

“I just could not handle the pressure of playing against my former side. It would have been too much for me to handle.”
“I spent 22 years at Chelsea and I cherish those years. I’m proud of what I have achieved but this is a new chapter for me and my career. I wish my former teammates all the best.”

John Terry also confirmed that he will not be involved in a coaching role at Aston Villa but did not state if he will remain on the side if they gain promotion back to the English Premier League. Where he could square up against Chelsea.

“If that’s the case and Aston Villa makes it back to the EPL. That would mean that I and the team have done well. When we actually cross that bridge then we can decide on what to do.”

Money Was Not An Issue

This deal makes John Terry the highest paid player in the Championship but Aston Villa manager, Steve Bruce debunked any claim that John Terry moved to Aston Villa because of money.