Internationals Fäth: Pupil of genius

A fairy tale for the young German team is the Handball Championship, often superior individual performances can be seen. Especially Steffen Fäth shines in this tournament. He learned from a Croatian legend – both could see themselves again in the final.

When Steffen Fäth about Ivano Balic, dilate the eyes of the man of the HSG Wetzlar. “The Ivano liked somehow me”, says Fahmy. The Croat is considered Balic genialster player of his generation, and as the Olympic champion and world champion precisely ended his playing career last summer at the Club by Steffen Fäth, the handball world bowed out. The man embodied the beauty of the game, as only the Icelanders Ólafur Stefánsson had succeeded.

Balic had ended up surprisingly’s on his last station to the German middle-class Club after Wetzlar – but the effects are felt up to this positive trending for the German team handball European Championship. Fäth, this euro of one of the surprise stars and launchers best in a win against Denmark, meant for cooperation with Balic pure luck. The back room player, blessed with talent, but stopped at the level of a mere pitcher, much of the best studied. He sucked on curious, what the Croat had to say and show. And became a complete and variable lead player in a short time.