I’m The Fastest Runner In The World – Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt has revealed that he still remains the world’s fastest man as he gets set for his last race as a sprinter final races of his care at the World Championships that are set for London.

Usain Bolt, 30, has eight Olympic gold medals to his name, is one of the iconic stars of the world.

Bolt is set to run in the 100m and 4x100m relay event at the world championship that is set to kick off on Friday.

I am ready to go

“Everyone knows that when I get in a race I’m ready to give it my whole.” He said.

“I’m here now and I have gotten the whole hype. I’m definitely excited and I can’t wait to get on track.”

“I’m still considered an underdog and that’s what most tabloids are reporting. So I will need to prove myself once again.”

“But I’m good to go so let’s get it on”

When he was asked if he still thinks that he is the fastest sprinter in the world, he had this to say.

“Most definitely, my last race was 9.95 and that shows that I’m doing something right. The two rounds that lead up to the 100m final will keep me going.”