Hoffenheim coach nail man

Hoffenheim of coach Julian nail Rahman is the youngest coach in the history of the Bundesliga. His style is characterized by speed, courage and chaos. The tactic profile.

Who conversed in the recent past with employees of TSG Hoffenheim, inevitably heard a name: Julian nail m. Hardly a Club Manager, who not enthused by the qualities of the Nachwuchscoaches. Nail man would one day be known nationwide, it said. The day came sooner than expected.

When Hoffenheim on Saturday in the Bundesliga for SV Werder Bremen, nail man will stand on the sidelines. Actually, it was planned that the 28-year-old in the summer assumes the professionals of the TSG and thus becomes the youngest head coach of in Bundesliga history. Because Huub Stevens but had to prematurely end his commitment for health reasons, he was promoted as of now. What makes him so special?

Game opening and closing separate seconds

His hero Josep Guardiola, nail man said in various interviews. He can be playing a completely different football. Where Guardiola preaches patience, nail man called tempo. He, whose coaching career in record time progresses, loves the fast game in the top on the course. At Široki U19, who most recently has been training nail man, there was a pattern in many attacks: A Defender overplayed the rows with a flat pass, the prolific centre-forward gossip can be with a single contact in the midfield. At the same time start two or three attackers in the depth, to provide the following pass. The Defense slides after and can directly exert pressure in the case of loss of the ball. Game opening and closing separate seconds.