German Championship title in handball: Invincible and overly proud

At the start of the European Championship, Germany against Spain had lost a few days later the favorite failed now on the German defensive. In the otherwise rather cool coach dagur Sigurdsson, tears after the final.

As the first emotions have cooled down after the game and the Championship trophy was in the hands of the new European champion, Dagur Sigurdsson sat on a Chair and had tears in his eyes.

It belongs to the successful model of the Icelander, almost never to show emotions, but now it was different. The coach was proud of his team and his tears showed that. “I am overly proud, which is almost not to believe”, the 42-year-old said. Sigurdsson had to invent a new Word to express what he felt.

The Icelanders had concocted the perfect plan, in a dominant game perfectly realized his team these – and therefore, the German Handball players crowned totally deserved for the European champion. Spain was no chance in the final, the Germans won 24:17 (10:6) and disassembled a team of outstanding individuals.

The impressive was not that a team over the entire season occurred routinely, yes almost cleared off on 60 minutes in the Tauron arena. Many experts had expected. Surprising that it was the young German team, the dominated. The Spaniards were surprised at the start, later helpless and frustrated at the end that they were no chance against a team that they had had two weeks previously in the handle.