T-Rex’s short arms were actually vicious weapons, new study suggests

An encounter with the vicious carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) must have been a terrible moment during the Cretaceous. Taking a quick glance to the south from T-Rex’s dangerous jaw would reveal a pair unimpressive and tiny arms. This conflicting appearance of the dinosaur has made it a laughing stock among nerds around the world.

Small but tenacious

Earlier research suggested that its stunted upper limbs were either used to clutch struggling prey, or tightly grip to mates during intercourse or help resting dinosaurs propel themselves up.

Nonetheless, Dr. Steve Stanley, a paleontologist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa asserts that the tiny arms of T-Rex were more useful than we had thought.

Its short, powerful forelimbs and four-inch claws would have allowed the monstrous creature to inflict four gashes a meter (3ft) or several centimeters (a little more than an inch) deep within a few seconds.” the paleontologist stated at a Geological conference in Seattle.

He noted that T-Rex undoubtedly used its strong claws for vicious slicing on its unlucky prey, repeatedly in quick succession.

Dr. Stanley additionally argued that the beast had a strange quasi-ball-and-socket-joint,” which would have been perfect for cutting since it could move in different directions.

T-Rex may have had longer limbs

He also noted that dinosaur’s progenitors in all likelihood had longer clutching appendages, but gradually evolved to support the enormous weight of their abdominal area.

Researchers still aren’t entirely sure about the T-Rex’s limbs. However, more studies may provide more insight on the issue as the dinosaur’s dynamics aren’t yet completely understood. For example, Thomas Holtz, a paleontologist at the University of Maryland, who didn’t partake in the research said the beast had to push its chest towards the side of its prey with a goal to send its appendages for damage.

Nonetheless, T-Rex clutching arms don’t appear that senseless anymore, that’s without doubts.