Scientists Conclude That Nothing Can Save The Great Barrier Reef As Its Too Damaged

Scientists have found that nothing can save the Great Barrier Reef as it is heavily damaged.

The reason behind the damage of the reef is “extraordinary rapidity” of climate change and the warming of the ocean, scientists said. Moreover, a huge part of it was prone to bleaching. However, what matter is the  ecological function of the reef.

Ecological function

According to scientists and experts, the ecological function of the reef should be reserved in coming years; however, that the reef will remain in its serious state and it could not be salvaged by any means.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority elaborated the implications, “The concept of ‘maintaining ecological function’ refers to the balance of ecological processes necessary for the reef ecosystem as a whole to persist, but perhaps in a different form, noting the composition and structure may differ from what is currently seen today”.

They explained they were “united in their concern about the seriousness of the impacts facing the Reef and concluded that coral bleaching since early 2016 has changed the Reef fundamentally”.

“Members agreed that, in our lifetime and on our watch, substantial areas of the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding ecosystems are experiencing major long-term damage which may be irreversible unless action is taken now.

“The planet has changed in a way that science informs us is unprecedented in human history. While that in itself may be cause for action, the extraordinary rapidity of the change we now observe makes the action even more urgent,” the statement reads.

“There is great concern about the future of the Reef and the communities and businesses that depend on it, but hope still remains for maintaining ecological function over the coming decades.”

Global Warming

Global warming is the reason behind coral bleaching, so the experts consider reducing carbon emissions to preserve the ecological function of the reef.

“This needs to be coupled with increased efforts to improve the resilience of the coral and other ecosystems that form the Great Barrier Reef. The focus of efforts should be on managing the Reef to maintain the benefits that the Reef provides,”experts said.