Rocket launch: space freighter “Cygnus” brings supplies to the ISS

With approximately 3.5 tones cargo aboard the private space freighter “Cygnus” is launched to the international space station. In may, set a fire in him.

The private space freighter “Cygnus” is loaded with supplies to the international space station (ISS) broken up. The freighter was raised in the U.S. State of Florida on Tuesday evening at 23:05 (local time) successfully spearheaded a “Atlas” rocket from the space station Cape Canaveral the US space agency NASA said. “Cygnus” is around 3.5 tones of food, science experiments and spare parts to the ISS bring.

On Saturday, “Cygnus” should the ISS can reach. For research purposes, NASA wants to put a major fire in the old space capsule later. Should the fire experiment after unloading on the ISS in the garbage-filled space capsule far away from the station start. Expected date is in May.

The test should serve “the safety of current and future missions”, said NASA Engineer Gary Ruff of the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Therefore, it will be investigated as the flames grow, how quickly the fire spread, how hot it gets and what amount of harmful gases is created.

Already in the past were lit at all smaller controlled fires in flame size and observed have been. Now, NASA wants to find out what additional measures for device and people should be taken to provide adequate protection in the case of major fires.