NASA maps out strategy to defend our planet from asteroids

A possible scenario will is bound to occur if no measure is taken – a case where the asteroid crashes into the earth and damaging the whole planet. However, NASA has mapped out plans to defend our planet from such condition.

The NASA has unveiled its plans to guide the Earth from asteroids with a modern defense method. The new defense system will work thus – launching a fridge-sized spacecraft into space; there it will entice asteroids and possibly knock it off its route.

According to NASA, a Double Asteroid Redirection System Test (DART) will be launched in 2020 to ascertain how perfect the system works. NASA’s planetary defense officer, Lindley Johnson stated that the DART system would stand out as NASA’s first practical effort towards defining kinetic impactor technique.

Asteroids and its effect on Earth

Speaking of the new system and its effect on the possible earth destruction by asteroids, NASA said that little asteroids collide with Earth daily, but get burnt in the earth’s atmosphere. As such, the kinetic impactor technique functions to alter the speed of a potentially destructive asteroid by a little amount of its overall velocity.

The new system will be a helpful one if it’s launched before the predicted impact, it will help to nudge and cause the asteroid’s route to make a significant shift away from the earth.