Moon Express and NanoRacks partner on lunar payloads

An announcement was made on October 10th of a partnership between Moon Express a commercial lunar lander company and NanoRacks. This announcement was made by Moon Express and it is to carry payloads that are commercial to the surface of the moon.

In the signed agreement, NanoRacks which is heralded for transporting satellites alongside payloads to the international space station, will manage sales and technical related issues for payloads will move on Moon Express’ series of missions’ end to end support from the concept of payload to the operation of missions.

The chief executive of NanoRacks, Jeff Manber, declared in a speech at the Universities Space Research headquarters “ NanoRacks will take into consideration lessons learned on the utilization of the space station”.

He added that he desired to show the efforts of the commercial space were not limited to the orbit of the Earth. He doesn’t believe that capitalism should be relegated to low Earth orbit.

Manber along with Richards said right after the speech that details of the partnership are still in shape, but that NanoRacks will facilitate the market payload space on Moon Express missions. Richard stated that he anticipates that NanoRacks will be particularly of help in addressing the market.

Moon Express also desires to win patronage from NASA

The agency previously has shown interest in giving out contracts for transportation of experiments to the surface of the moon by the use of landers being developed commercially, based on the response to previous requests for data.

A NASA official at the LEAG meeting said a demand for proposals for commercial services of transportation would be given out soon.