Gravitational wave: What never a man previously measured

Beginning of a new era in Astrophysics: for the first time, researchers have measured the gravity waves derived by Einstein. This open window in regions of the universe, that were previously closed.

“This is the beginning of a new era in Astrophysics“, enthuses Alessandra Buonanno, Director of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam-GOLM and Hanover. On six parallel press conferences worldwide physicists have announced a sensation. In Washington David Reitze from California has Institute of technology (Caltech) the honor to say the crucial first few sentences: “we have to measure gravitational waves. We did it. I’m so happy to be able to say that.”

Almost exactly a hundred years ago, Einstein had predicted these distortions of space and time. Measurable, they were however until much later, by using sophisticated detectors. Even if Einstein, it already gave the necessary technology, the now successful laser Inferometer determines itself would have invented, as Rainer Weiß from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) suggested at the press conference.

The introductory sentences of Reitze not unexpectedly come. Rumors about the discovery for weeks. The decisive signals had already recorded the detectors in September 2014. Many detailed analyses followed, before the physicists therefore went to the public.

Researchers were also asked how it was because dealt with the rumors and the feeling to need to still keep such a secret. REITZES counter question: how secret was it really? The journalists laugh.