Discovery has been made by scientists of 20 potentially life-supporting planets

In the past, amazing discoveries have been brought to light by the Kepler Space Telescope, and more recently, it group has added to its lists of useful and interesting celestial discoveries. About 20 possibly habitable exoplanets have been found out, the planets were found in the habitable area of the stars and one of it particularly in high proximity with the earth.

The discovered planets are yet to be fully confirmed owing to a small error in the recording that tells of where the planets were found in the sky. Nonetheless, there is an incredible hope held by researchers that the planets are in fact real.

Planets to be confirmed

Among the discovered planets, one orbits the sun in the same manner that the earth orbits the sun. The star of the discovered planet is much cooler as a result of its positioning. What is noteworthy is that 395 Earth days are recorded for the planet that closely revolves the earth, which in reality is pretty close to that of Earth.

Some more observations would be necessary to illustrate a better idea of the newly found planets and establish their existence beyond every uncertainty.