Cassini is now entering Saturn: here you can see

Today (September 15th) NASA’s Cassini aircraft will plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn and crumble. Here you can watch live action at, from 16:00 PDT (7:00 BRT).

Intentionally Falling Starting at 16:55 PDT (7:55 AM EDT, 1155 GMT). NASA Jet Propulsion (JPL) scientists in California will track and collect Cassini data 1 to 2 minutes before friction and heat fall off the space flight.

NASA’s coverage of the event begins at 7:00 GMT (7:00 GMT) and can be seen on NASA’s website or on our live web site.
At 18:30, PDT (9:30, 13:30 GMT), NASA will hold a press conference after a mission held by JPL. You can also watch this live event here at

Cassini-Huygens Mission $ 3260 million effort joint NASA

The European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency were launched in 1997 and reached Saturn in 2004. It hit Cassini-Huygens and took off shortly after coming to the surface of the Titan-Moon Moon. The space probe Cassini should study the Saturn system by 2008, but the mission has received two extensions that lasted until 2017.

Now the probe is almost without fuel, and the mission has to end. By sending Cassin to Saturn, scientists hope to collect some of the data fragments in situ from the atmosphere of one of the giant giants of the Solar System. Since April Cassini has made a series of links between Saturn and the most intimate rings of the world, “flickered” in the atmosphere of Saturn, according to mission scientists.

The fall in the atmosphere of Saturn will also ensure that Cassini will not collide with one of the local months that researchers will investigate. Such a crash caused the danger of contaminating these satellites with the microorganisms of the earth.