Yemen: Thousands protest against Saudi air raids in Sana’a

Sea of humanity in Sanna: thousands of Yemenis have protested against the bombing of the Saudi Arabia-led Alliance in the country’s capital.

Thousands of people protested on Saturday in Yemen’s capital Sanaa. They put a sign against the military use of the Alliance led by Saudi Arabia, which began one year ago today.

As the news agency AFP reported that fighters of the military coalition over the lot across flew during the demonstration.
“Together against the tyrannical Saudi aggression”, was on a banner in the crowd. That had gathered on the Sabain place in Sanaa, the city is controlled by the insurgents.

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh had called for the rally, which is allied with the Houthi rebels.

In a brief appearance before the demonstrators, Saleh renewed a call on Saudi Arabia to direct talks about a settlement of the conflict. “From here we for peace reach out, the peace of the brave, for direct talks with the Saudi regime”, he said.

Saleh called on the UN Security Council to adopt an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, reported the news agency Saba, controlled by the rebels. Saleh had demanded direct talks with Riad in December that instead seek dialogue with his successor Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi.

Help? “In terms of criminal murder and genocide”

In the North of Sanaa, the Houthi rebels organized a rally against Saudi Arabia according to Agency Saba. Therefore, thousands participants shouted slogans against Riyadh and the United States. Rebel leader Abdulmalik al Houthi had criticized on Friday in a speech transmitted on television, the intervention of the military coalition in the conflict in the Yemen had been portrayed as assistance to the Yemeni people. This help came but “in the form of criminal murder and genocide”.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized that the military coalition led by Riad kills civilians in their attacks. Also the United States allied with Saudi Arabia were concerned.

The Yemen descended in the past months more and more into chaos, almost every day there are attacks. The Dschihadistenmiliz ‘Islamic State’ (IS) uses this to put in the country stronger foot.
The Houthi Shiite militia had early last year Sanaa and other cities captured the capital and forced the Sunni President Hadi to flee out of the country. Since March, 2015, led the military coalition flies Saudi Arabia bombing in the Yemen, pushing back against the rebels supported by the Iran and to allow Hadi, to return to power. According to the UN, 6300 people have been killed in the conflict since the Saudi intervention about.

On Wednesday in New York, the UN Special Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed had told agreed of the parties in the conflict for a truce starting April 10. On April 18 the peace talks between the Yemeni Government and the Houthi rebels to be resumed then in Kuwait.

Summarized: in Yemen’s capital Sanaa thousands against the military mission led by Saudi Arabia have demonstrated. Meanwhile apparently flew planes of the military coalition over the set period. Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called for peace in the country and called for direct talks with Saudi Arabia. He also called on the UN Security Council to adopt an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. The United Nations hopes for a truce starting April 10.