World pioneers concur: Brexit would be terrible for Britain

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most recent in a long line of world pioneers asking British voters to stay in Europe. “England is continually going to have clout, it’s recently clearly increased by its quality as a component of the EU,” he told Reuters. “We have an incredible association with a solid and joined Europe, and we trust that proceeds.”

The pioneers of the world’s five biggest economies – including, obviously, David Cameron and Angela Merkel – have all emerged as an opponent of a Brexit:

“In the event that one of our closest companions is in an association that improves their impact and upgrades their energy and upgrades their economy, then I need them to stay in it.” There are, obviously, some figures backing a Brexit, including Republican presidential cheerful Donald Trump and French Front National pioneer Marine le Pen. The Russian consulate is on the record saying “our Government doesn’t have a sentiment on Britain’s place in the EU”. In any case, others are clear that anything that debilitates the EU would go down well in Moscow. Garry Kasparov has remarked that a Brexit would be a “flawless blessing” for Vladimir Putin, while Guy Verhofstadt thinks the Russian president will rub “his hands with joy” at the possibility of a British flight.