Vladimir Putin was fired by FBI Director James Comey offered asylum in Russia

Vladimir Putin jokes that has been called to ban FBI director James Comey to seek asylum in Russia.
At his annual session of questions and answers in Moscow, it was “very strange” the Russian president said, that the Flanders called Donald Trump’s details and compared their activities with those in the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Russian President Comey compared with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

“If there is some kind of persecution, I was ready to offer Comey as a political asylum and still in the United States,” Putin said in a live audience.
Mr. Comey is Mr. Snowden, the former FBI director in relation to the decision to lick his conversations with Mr. Trump in the media to get him in a vulnerable position and say that he acted more as an FBI head activist.

The US president and the former FBI chief Donald Trump last month said questions about the investigation of alleged US interference in presidential elections in the United States. Trump’s decision to kidnap an investigative man, whether there has been an agreement between his team and Moscow was widely condemned.
Earlier this month, Mr. Comey’s Senate Committee showed that Trump’s messages had investigated the alleged ties between Russia and Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to the president, who was forced to disclose retirement research, the start of senior officials, including vice president Mike Penija, applauded for the sake of nature Of their relationship with representatives of Moscow.

During the question and answer session, Putin said he did not consider the US as the enemy of Russia and said he wanted a “constructive dialogue” with Washington.
Nuclear non-alignment, the fight against poverty, and the fight against climate change as areas in which cooperation can be mentioned mentions the two countries, but any progress in US relations depends.