US President embarks on longest trip to Asia in Years

Due to the issues at home, the president of the United States Donald J Trump will be going on a trip to Asia. The trip will be the longest he has had in years, and also it will be the longest a president of the United States have ever embarked on. The goal is hoped to bring results that will benefit the course to get North Korea to relent in its threats and the on-going Nuclear crisis.

The tour the president will be having will take him out of the white house from the 14th of November to Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The various matters to be addressed by the presidents’ trip include an investigation of the involvement of Russia in the elections that held last year, the recovery of New York from the malicious attacks that killed eight people amongst other items.

1991and 1992 was the last time a president of the United States was in Asia for a substantial amount of time, then when President George H.W Bush fell ill at an event in Japan.

Some allies have been surprised by Trump’s absence, and they were alarmed after the saw the fizzling of a healthcare reform bid, they were worried the tax effort could greatly be disturbed by his absence.

Officials of the white house brushed off their worries, insisting that the president has the ability to keep his eyes on many matters arising from anywhere he is.

Trump to visit Hanoi, Manila

The trip emerges merely days following the indictment of Paul Manafort based on the on-going investigations into the meddling and involvement of Russia in the elections held in 2016.

Trump, in his animated tweets this week told the New York Times that he was at peace and not mad at anyone over the issues and that nothing existed to hint at a collision by his campaign with Russia.

Among Trump’s stops of visits include his attendance of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit to be held in Vietnam, a statement to be made to visit Hanoi and his trip will be concluded summit held in Manila by the Association of South East Asia Nations.