Trump Ends Call with Australian PM Hastily

U.S. President Trump has announced that he will look over in what he referred to as a “dumb deal” that would revise the matter of accepting hundreds of Australians as asylum seekers.

President Trump was said to have ended a rather furious phone call with Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister in a rather hasty manner.

Mr. Turnbull stated that the phone call was straight to the point and tense but declined to elaborate further on the details of the phone call.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump remarked on the phone call with the Australian PM by saying that it was “the worst so far.”

This incident occurred just moments after Washington had confused Australia by stating that they would implement an extreme vetting process in the deal that was agreed on regarding the resettling of refugees.

A Past Commitment

The deal had been brokered during 2016 between Australia and former U.S. President Barack Obama. Australia has served with the US military when they had sent their troops to fight in Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

Meanwhile, President Trump did not approve of the former U.S. administration’s deal with Australia, and expressed his disappointment and anger of Obama’s administration approving of allowing illegal immigrants in the thousands to enter the U.S.

Doesn’t Like It

As agreed previously, Washington approved that they would resettle up to 1,250 refugees that were placed islands in the Pacific situated in Papa New Guinea as well as Nauru.

The other end of the deal that would be fulfilled by Australia would be for them to resettle asylum seekers that come from the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and then Honduras.

President Trump has already expressed his criticism on such a deal and questions on the matter have surfaced.

The majority of those seeking asylum within detention centers under Australian supervision were said to have fled from wars within Iraq, Afghanistan and others.