Trial of former concentration camp guard: “Extermination through living conditions”

Reinhold H. was security guard in Auschwitz and faces Court into Detmold. Already on the first day of the process is clear, as people were systematically destroyed in the concentration camp outside the gas chambers.

In the indictment of the Prosecutor of Dortmund to Reinhold H., who was stationed as a guard of the SS from January 1943 until mid-June 1944 in Auschwitz, the speech is for the first time in the judicial history of the post-war period by more than the perfidious organization of warehouse operations.

It is not only about the arbitrary selections at the infamous ramp, where people were divided into more usable and not usable material; where it was decided whether they had equal to or only slightly later to die.

There is the talk of gas chambers and incinerators, where hundreds of thousands disappeared, where the Nazis denied the right to life not only of the usage and the effect of DDT use Zyklon B. Not only of numbers, which make the incomprehensible still inconceivable.

But it is for the first time named by a public prosecutor and the “destruction of life conditions” and described. Even who not was driven into a gas chamber, was a terminally in Auschwitz. Because none of the deportees should leave the camp alive. People should perish to emaciation, to diseases, they should starve or collapse under the weight of heavy physical work.