Thousands Protest In Portland, Oregon Against An Alt-Right Rally

Thousands take to the streets of Portland, Oregon to protest against an alt-right rally being held just nine days after a fatal double stabbing took place in city trains.

The Protestors

In the wake of a white supremacist who killed two men while yelling Islamophobic slurs on a city train, multiple alt-right demonstrations took place in Portland on Sunday. In response, thousands have taken to the streets to protest against those alt-right rallies.

Police have also been sent into the streets to keep the protests calm in the wake of politically polarizing circumstances.

Earlier, both sides of the protests had gathered on opposite ends of a road in Chapman’s Square and started taunting eachother while the police forces separated them. One man on the alt-right side reportedly set ablaze a black T-shirt with an anarchism symbol on it. This was possibly directed at those on the other side of the street who describe themselves as anti-fascists.

Dave Killen posted a picture of the man on Twitter, saying: “@bethnakamura @jfloum @MollyHarbarger @edercampuzano@Jimryan015 @JanakiChadha Lots of commotion already. Police in riot gear. Shouting, chanting. Madison Ave acting as divide between opposing groups.”

By the middle of the day, as opposing protestors grew, two people were arrested, Portland Police say. This grew to about 14 by the end of the day, the police tweeted. The police have also confiscated several weapons during the protests, including poles, athletic gear, bricks, wooden planks and homemade shields.

The City Train Attack

These protests have been fueled by a fatal double stabbing that took place in Portland just a week ago. A white supremacist reportedly started yelling Islamophobic slurs at Muslims on a train. When two ex-veterans attempted to defend the Muslims from the man, he fatally stabbed them both.

“Free speech or die,” the white supremacist said. “This is America. Get out if you don’t like free speech.”

“You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism,” he continued.