The rich legacy of Eric Holder

Among the much consequential tenure in the history of United States, the six year term of Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the country has been the most significant. Most importantly, any announcement that he makes is of the highest consequence. On Thursday therefore, the Attorney General came out with his resignation announcement which was a much anticipated decision. He has also said that he will continue to remain in the post and leave only after he receives confirmation on a successor. It is difficult to think that there would be any individual who could have the same charisma as the Attorney General.

Eric Holder – the man and his career

Nonetheless his appointment to the office of the Attorney General has been a momentous and ground-breaking event simply because he was the first African-American to ever occupy the highest enforcement post in the country. Being the kind of man he is known to be, in spite of constantly facing the hostility of Congress, Mr. Holder was able to hold his own and many a times took praiseworthy legal stances on many thorny issues during his six year term.

The significant achievements of the man

One of those stances was with regards to the same-sex marriage issue. In 2011, the Attorney General came out with the announcement that the definition of marriage in the Defense of Marriage Act was an unconstitutional law and that the Justice Department would stop defending it. His announcement came to be followed by the Supreme Court’s decision of invalidating that section of the Act. Another achievement of the Attorney General is related to his fight against the discriminatory voting limitations in the country prior to the 2012 US elections.

Some of his failures and setbacks

But in recent time his career has come to be tarnished by the part that the Justice Department of the country played with regards to matters of national security and secrecy. Although much of the career of the Attorney General will be made distinct by the sheer developments he has made in criminal justice reorganization and the civil rights areas, his career will also call to mind his failures and harmful actions that involved matters of national significance. It was during his tenure that the Justice Department passed the proposal to kill off civilians without any kind of judicial review. Likewise, in an effort to prevent leakage of classified information, many suspects were prosecuted under the country’s Espionage Act and included prosecution of many journalists who were simply doing their jobs.

Overall, the Attorney General was never hesitant when it came to speaking his mind even as he carried out the President’s bidding. His work deserves some amount of commendation in that he was able to make justice accessible to hundreds of dispossessed and neglected American citizens.