Terror in Istanbul: Victims should be dissected in Germany

After the bombing, the bodies are to be converted in Istanbul the German victims in the Federal Republic. After mirror information, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has decided to carry out the post-mortems in Germany.

There, they should be received with a simple funeral ceremony. Previously, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had decided the forensic investigations of deaths in Germany.

The so-called Identification Commission of the Federal Criminal Police Department (BKA), who is actually by default sent after accidents or attacks with German victims abroad should therefore now operate in Germany. According to information of the mirror, the BKA had offered a force on the ground to the Turkish authorities which Ankara has not had accepted. The BKA sent nevertheless four liaison officers to Istanbul.

According to official information had a 28 Syrians in the heart of Istanbul’s old town before a German tour group in the air blow themselves up on Tuesday, carrying in the death of ten German citizens. Seven other Germans were injured.

The assassin was according to Turkish followers of the terrorist militia ‘Islamic State‘ (IS). For the German security authorities a responsibility of the militia of IS so far still is not clear. The Turkish Interior Ministry took seven suspects in custody since Tuesday.