Stop in Jakarta: Strategic goal

Indonesia is known for its religious tolerance, now an attack shook the capital of Jakarta. The police suspect IS behind the fact that the island State is for the terrorist militia of strategic importance.

Apparently, the ‘Islamic State’ behind the bloody attack on a shopping centre is in the heart of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. In the attack, seven people–five terrorists, a police officer and a civilian died on Thursday morning. “Foreigners and security forces deployed to protect them,” as the applicable as the voice of IS news agency Aamaq reported were explicitly target.

The Indonesian police described the IS as the author of the terrorist attack. The police Chief of Jakarta, Tito Karnavian, said a well-known Indonesian Islamist, who currently hold in Syria, put behind the fence. “Annemarie Naim has planned this for some time.” The spokesperson who said national police, Anton Charliyan, Indonesian television, IS have already announced a terrorist attack weeks ago, will bring the island nation “worldwide headlines”.

Over Christmas and New Year, 150,000 additional security forces were withdrawn because of the imminent danger to protect churches, airports and tourist destinations. At the same time the police made hunting down Abu Wardah Santoso, Indonesia’s most wanted Islamists, which has sworn allegiance IS compounded.