Show trial against Nadja Sawtschenko: Russia’s most important prisoners

The Ukrainian soldier Savchenko in Russian prison is sitting for one and a half years. Moscow represents as a cold-blooded killer, who blame the death of Russian reporters. But the prosecution ever more deeply entangled in contradictions.

The remand prison No. 3 lies on the edge of the South Russian town of Novocherkassk, precisely on Ukraine Street. Behind the red brick walls is Russia’s most important prisoners waiting for their judgment. It is called Nadja Sawtschenko, dating back to Kiev and is first lieutenant of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Opinions differ on Savchenko: many Ukrainians see in it a symbol of resistance against Putin’s aggressive Russia. Savchenko says wool “in the Ukraine die, than to have to live in Russia”. Moscow, however, represents it as insidious killer.

Since summer 2014 Savchenko sits in detention, since summer 2015, the process is made her. The charge is accessory to the murder of two journalists of the Russian State television. Anton Woloschin and Igor Korneljuk had been killed Luhansk on 17 June 2014 close to the separatist stronghold of Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army artillery.

Savchenko was taken on the same day in the vicinity. Russian media and Justice set up, she have deliberately diverted the gunfire on the reporter. “Killed for the truth: the hunt on journalists continues in the Ukraine”, headlined the Moscow mass sheet “Argumenty i Fakty” at that time. The associated with the Gazprom Empire station NTV spoke of “targeted, cynical murder”.