Sessions: All bets look for Street Gangs MS-13

US State Attorney Jeff Sessions promised a huge attack on the brutal MS-13 bus “just like we did Al Capone from the road” on Monday.

Sessions said members of the gang were suspected of a series of murders in the suburbs of New York and the US “laws we have,” used to remove them from the road.

Sessions, a former Republican senator from Alabama, said the prosecution would include all legal channels, including organized criminal laws, weapons, and tax records for the band’s attack.

Meetings marked the link with central US relations as a “priority” for the Task Force “Organized Crime” of the Justice Ministry, which has focused on the past on drug trafficking and money laundering. MS-13 or La Mara Salvatrucha is known for being blackmail and violence instead of distributing and selling drugs.

In its anti-immigration campaign, the gang became a major supporter of President Trumps’ government

Band members are suspected of several top killings in New York, Maryland and Virginia. Bandgewalt caught the Republican President’s attention after the two teenagers were beaten and beaten up for the alleged attack on Long Island.

The girls were among 22 people the gang on Long Island killed since the beginning of 2016. Most people arrested in these murders were illegal in the United States. The authorities said.

After Trump resigned, he ordered federal government officials to focus their resources on fighting transnational gangs, including MS-13. Sessions that travelled to El Salvador in July to learn more about how it influences group activities is a new mark that allows MS-13 officials with “new power and sharper focus” crime in the US UU.
MS-13 was born in Los Angeles in the eighties, and then focused on Central America when its leaders were deported.

James Trusty, who heads the Department of Organized Crime and the gangs of the Justice Ministry, before leaving in January, said the road as a MS-13 priority.

Some MS-13 cases have links to drugs, but “it would be very difficult to find evidence that MS-13 is part of the cartel,” he said. “The most common aspect of the prosecution for MS-13 was murder, intimidation or retaliation from a witness, not drug trafficking.”