Result of Democrats in Iowa: Clinton barely before Sanders

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck in the first primary of the Democrats in Iowa. The count is running, the former Foreign Minister, less than a percentage point before the outsiders.

The first code of the US Democrats in Iowa is a nail-biter. After counting 95 percent of the vote, Hillary Clinton is only 0.2 percentage points ahead of her competitors of Bernie Sanders. The third, Martin O’Malley, was able to convince less than one percent of the Democrats and gave up its bid. You see all the results in the graph:

“I am on the debate with Senator Sanders about the right way forward for the United States”, Clinton said before announcing the final result in a speech to supporters. “I’m relieved. Thank you, Iowa.”

“We are virtually neck and neck,” Sanders said a few minutes later before his supporters. His success was a message to the political and economic establishment and the media. “In Iowa a political revolution has begun tonight.”

The importance of the caucus in Iowa is especially symbolic: the voices of the sparsely populated state of fall at the statewide candidate freestyle hardly. However, the winners to claim can have to have won the first real test. This gives their campaign momentum and gives them media attention for the other primaries.