Renate Künast via their Facebook strategy: Help against Wikitravellers just for humor

Renate Künast are on their Facebook page tips for people who want to send her a hate comment. What’s going on? A call to the Green politician.

Recently, is to read on their Facebook page: “you want to send a hate comment me? Is really going to puke out? Then I give you here are a few notes.”

By the appropriate greeting, at best none, to complete insults (“even worse than the Roth!”) and style recommendations (“do not save on exclamation point!”) is the politician in their hate tool tips, “the help you write and I read”.

There was a special occasion for the guide or was simply the measure full?

Künast: It takes to for months, that the platforms with Pegida – and AfD talk are flooded. Even with colleagues, I have observed that there are more and more people are just throwing up comments. Partly this seems also a date. And after I was on Monday to guest on “Hard but fair” (theme: the shame of Cologne – what are the consequences?, note’s note), the point was reached where my team and I have said: we now use, however, poetry and irony. But we have omitted the worst insults.

What would be a glaring example?

Künast: Recently has someone sent me a video of the beheading and wrote: “We would see times like to a video of you.” The public prosecutor’s Office was, however, of the opinion that this was no offense. There, you can save almost only with humor.