Refugees from Morocco and Algeria

The number of refugees from Morocco and Algeria tried is multiplied – now the Federal Government to speed up the repatriation. But that is not so easy.

The rates of growth are enormous. In June of last year, the Federal Interior Ministry counted 847 refugees from Algeria and 368 from Morocco. In December, there were already nearly three times as many Algerians (2296), the number of Moroccans has increased almost eightfold – on 2896.

And it could go on, the authorities fear. The North Africans now often take the longer route via the Western Balkans. The flight across the Strait between North Africa and Spain is considered to be difficult. Also the border with the Spanish exclave of Ceuta is hardly to overcome Moroccan side, it looks like with her meter-high fences and barbed wire, a high-security.

Intensive is now also reported an established petty criminal structure around the Cologne or Düsseldorf central station, with many Moroccans involved. Because their homeland no longer takes her back, her application for asylum but not accepted, they live in a State of permanent insecurity and get their income from drug sale.