Refugee deal: Arrived Turkish officials on Aegean Islands

The EU agreement with Ankara has been in force since Sunday. Now came the first Turkish officers of the coast guard to the Greek Lesvos and Chios. You should decide which refugees will be returned.

The refugee compromise with Turkey applies: Since March 20 all migrants who translate illegally from Turkey to Greece, can be – returned forcibly to Turkey only after an individual assessment. To which, each refugee is entitled and she must be done in the country of Greece. Only, who can prove that he is persecuted in Turkey, must remain.

Alone, Athens will not be able to make these checks. Turkey therefore supported the Greeks. On Monday morning, the first Turkish liaison officers on Lesbos have arrived now. Greek media report. Some Turkish officers of the coast guard had arrived on the Aegean Sea Island of Chios, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported.
The use of Turkish officials on the spot is an integral part of the agreed repatriation programme. These officials should decide in last resort, so to speak, which migrants who received no asylum in Greece, returning to Turkey.

In Greece in particular asylum experts and interpreters are missing after entry into force of the EU-Turkey refugee Pact on Sunday, the asylum applications handle and decide. Athens expects civil servants to support the words of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras 2300.

Germany and France want together 400 police officers and 200 asylum professionals send to the Greek Islands. Also, the Interior Minister in a joint letter offer 100 asylum experts that help when editing applications. In Germany, these should be placed from the Federal Office for migration and refugees.

Also, Thomas de Maizière and his French colleague Bernard Cazeneuve in the letter to the Commission, up to 200 police officers to the EU border Agency Frontex undertake to turn off. These will assist in the return of irregular migrants.