Questionable Russia-deal

The display process fraud is Hamburg filed already on the 9 October 2015 at the public prosecutor’s Office, was so far but still not publicly known. It is aimed in addition to Grossman, also against the RWE Manager Florian Kolb.
The Russians accuse Großmann and Kolb to have testified in a trial before a London Court of arbitration. In particularly serious cases, the maximum penalty for deception is ten years in prison.

The public prosecutor’s Office confirmed on request, to determine in the case. Rustenburg confirmed to have submitted the ad, did not comment its contents.

The company Rustenburg belongs to the Sintez group, the Group of Moscow billionaire and oligarch Leonid Lebedew. Background of the complaint is a safe years dispute between Grossman and Lebedev.

2008, the then head of RWE using Lebedev on the Russian market wanted to gain a foothold. Together they a bid for the company TGK-2 issued at an auction, a then State power Corporation with around seven million customers and lucrative locations. The bid was submitted by a special purpose company, which belongs to Lebedev Sintez group. It also has been awarded. But on September 17, 2008, RWE again announced the TGK-2 deal. Sintez bracing the business alone and went according to Lebedev it almost broke.

“It was betrayal”

Since the burst deal in 2008, Lebedev tiring process to process against RWE and Grossman. Dealing with damages in the hundreds of millions – and for personal satisfaction. “It was treason,” Lebedev said ONLINE in the March 2015 in the interview with mirror. “I felt, when you shot me in the head.”

Lebedev has so far lost every case against RWE and Grossman. Now his company Rustenburg accuses the Germans, they had to determine one of the procedures only for themselves, because she had lied in court.

Kolb have testified before the London Court of arbitration that the bid for TGK-2 not in agreement with RWE had taken place, according to the criminal complaint. Actually Kolb told explicitly the company Sintez, submit the joint bid. Also he got assurances that RWE will participate in the cost of the purchase, once Sintez have passed the TGK-2 shares in RWE.

Even an external consultant of RWE had been present at the auction of TGK-2, according to the criminal complaint. Kolb will have confirmed this in court. The consultant was but surfaced only “out of personal curiosity” there, Kolb said.