Prime Minister of New Zealand Announces Surprise Resignation

Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key has made a startling announcement on Monday that he has officially resigned as Prime Minister, taking the nation and others as well by shock.

Resigning at 55, Mr. Key was the 38th prime minister for New Zealand and has served as one since 2008.

Mr. Key did not express a lot of regret regarding the move, and his own words, stated of his decision: “One of the things that I have always believed in is making room for new talent and let’s be blunt, I have taken the knife to some other people and now I am taking the knife to myself to allow others to come through and have those opportunities, and that is a healthy thing.”

Family Values

He has articulated on the matter by stating that his devotion now must be channeled elsewhere, especially towards his wife and family at home, in which he expressed his unhappiness in leaving his wife at home alone most of the time. He hopes to focus on his family with his newfound time.

Nonetheless, Mr. Key claims that his decision was in no way pressured by his wife, and if anything, he said she would have supported him if he were to run for a fourth term.

He himself did not approve of a fourth term, saying that he “could not look the public in the eye and say he wants to serve a full fourth term. All I can say is I’ve given it everything I have and left nothing in the tank.”

Despite his decision, during Mr. Key’s announcement it was evident he expressed saddness at the move.

Mr. Key his role as the prime minister requires another level of imposition, detriments, along with compression for his family as well. His official resignation will take place as of December 12th.