President Trump to entitle Huntsman as U.S ambassador to Russia

The White House officially revealed its plans to designate the former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman as the ambassador to Russia. The White House indicated its purpose to put Huntsman- a former critic of Trump campaign in a pronounced diplomatic position.

White House highlights Huntsman’s success

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, Huntsman criticized his statements about women. Huntsman was an ambassador to Singapore under President George W. Bush’s regime. Likewise, he served as ambassador to China during the administration of President Barack Obama.

Reports have it that he was given the position in March, but Trump officially made it clear on Tuesday. In a statement by the press secretary of the White House, Governor Jon Huntsman has recorded outstanding career as a diplomat, politician, and businessman.

He has a top record of public services such as his service as the U.S Ambassador to Singapore and China. Also, a former United States Trade Representative’s deputy, Commerce for Trade Development’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, and East Asian and Pacific Affairs’ Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

Also, the statement by the White House Press Secretary pointed out the career of Huntsman in the private sector, his service on the corporate boards for Hilton, Ford Motor Co., and Chevron motors.

In the beginning, Huntsman called for his withdrawal from the political race following the notoriously vile Access Hollywood tape that showed a real estate mogul touching women sexually. Sen. Orrin Hatch in Utah has appeared to be a strong challenger of Huntsman, but the nomination will probably take him off the contention.